Empire of the Sun – Cusco

The waterways were carved into hard rock and used for helping irrigation on the agricultural lands, ensuring drinking water, but even water for ponds and baths. The civil engineering of the Incas still stuns us. Many of these waterways (Cusco) are still functioning at: Tambomachay, Ollantaytambo, Tipón, Machu Picchu and other locations. They are true wonders of Inca construction!

Legacy of The Incas – Cusco Peru

You must give up everything you have, everything you are. You must be naked of idea, naked of judgment, completely naked in order to find out who you are, do justice to yourself, love mother earth, own your life, mind, and body – and the fruit of your labor.

The greatest and most splendid building erected to show the power and majesty of the Incas was the fortress of Cusco City’s (Sacsayhuaman, Koricancha, Kenko, Pucapucara and Tambomachay)…those who have seen it…imagine, and even believe, that it was made by enchantment, the handiwork of demons rather than of men. Cusco City, a multicultural place where past and present live in harmony.