Movil Tours

Movil Tours Bus

Movil Tours Bus

2017 Update: Buy Movil Tours bus tickets online, eticket delivery, find schedules, bus stations locations, additional services, last minute deals. Contact Phone number: +5117168000

Why Movil Tours?

This bus company has been operating since 2001, with a main focus on Northern and Central part of Peru (Moyobamba, Barranca, Chachapoya, Huaraz, Tarapoto, Rioja). Majority of their modern bus fleet meets European and American standards, they have a rigorous exam for hiring new highly qualified drivers. Movil  Tours offers 28 domestic destinations that guarantee safe, comfortable and timely trip arrival.

Movil Tours offers new modern buses with a 24/7 GPS monitoring system. The company monitors speeding and prohibits unauthorized stops and limits driving hours (4 hours) for every itinerary. This company is among Peru’s safest transportation providers with very little history of car crashes or accidents in Peru.

Bus features:

  • Bus de 1 piso de asientos reclinables
  • Servicio directo
  • Aire acondicionado/calefacción
  • Películas / música ambiental
  • Servicios higiénicos con sistema químico
  • Monitoreo Satelital GPS
  • Velocidad controlada
  • Cinturones de seguridad
  • Luz individual de lectura
  • Bodegas amplias (max.20 kg de equipaje)