Peru Tour

Memorial Day weekend has turned out to be a great time for me to get organized and get the word out about the Peru Tour/Yoga Retreat I am offering for the first time on March 11-24, 2012!

This tour/retreat is going to be a fabulous adventure and a wonderful yoga experience! Ericka Lock, who is from Peru and lives in Seattle, has helped me tremendously and continues to help me with putting together an amazing journey. Last year, Ericka was at my retreat on the island of Pantelleria and asked me if I would ever consider giving a yoga retreat in Peru. That very question started a dialog about this fantastic idea and here we are 8 months later, ready to actually do it! Ericka is much more than a personal assistant. She is coordinating this tour and directly making all the contacts necessary for this tour to run smoothly. I am very fortunate to be presenting this tour and retreat to Peru with her!

Instead of including the entire itinerary, I will include photos of some of the places we will visit on the Peru Yoga Retreat/Tour and the Yoga Schedule. Since this is not yet posted on my website, if you are interested in registering for this incredible trip or if you simply would like more information, email me or write a comment to this blog, and I can send you more detailed information.

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