Introducing Cusco Peru

The Incas deemed Cusco City as the navel of the world. Sure enough, a guided tour to Cusco will bring you back into the cosmic realm of ancient Andean culture. Cusco Peru is the place to dig and appreciate Inca culture. Cusco City (Inca capital) was the center of Inca religion and administrative life. Cusco magic awaits you on every corner of its cobblestone streets.

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Top Cusco Activities

  • Pisac ruins, temple hill of Ollantaytambo, typical lunch in the small town of Urubamba
  • Lake Titicaca, Uros Island, Taquile Island, Sillustani Ancient burial, Folk festival
  • Cusco Cathedral, temple of the Sun Korikancha Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo and Puca Pucara
  • Machu Picchu 7th wonder of the world hidden in the Andes of Peru, Hot Springs, Machu Picchu Pueblo

Sacred Valley Tour
Lake Titica Tour
Cusco City Tour
Machu Picchu Tour

Cusco Weather

  • Temperatures are slightly milder 64°F to 68°F (18°C-20°C) and 59°F (15°C) at night.
  • Warm temperatures 68°F to 77°F (20°C-25°C), and nights are often quite cold (near freezing)
  • Warm temperatures 64°F to 68°F (18°C-20°C), and nights are a bit cold.
  • Temperatures are slightly milder 64°F to 68°F (18°C-20°C) dropping only to 59°F (15°C) at night.
Jan - March - Summer Weather
Wet - Heavy Showers
April - June - Winter Weather
Dry & Cold
July - September - Fall Weather
Cold & Windy
October - December - Spring Weather
Dry & A Bit Wet

Machu Picchu Ticket

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Cusco Weather

When planning travel to Cusco Weather or Peru in general, you have to consider the regions (Costa, Sierra, Amazon), weather and seasons so you can make informed decisions about where to go and what to pack.

Ancient Cusco

Cusco’s history lives in its streets, squares, valleys and towns. Cusco City is built on the Incan stonewalls, marvels of engineering put together without mortar and able to withstand more than 500 years of wrenching earthquakes.

7 Facts About Cusco

If you ever become so lucky as to visit the “Navel of the World,” that’s what the Quechua name of Cusco translates into, you are guaranteed to be constantly surrounded by the magical beauty of this ancient place.

Inca's Sacred Valley

You’ve all heard of Peru and how magnificent the place is. Within the confines of Peru, there is a paradise to behold. A valley that’s survived an epoch when mighty men once trampled on earth and still blossoms with the glory fair enough to call it a safe haven.